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Twinridge Collision Center - Mount Airy, MD

Twinridge Collision Center is a small business located in Mount Airy, Maryland offering collision services to this great community. This shop is super cool with all different types of cars being serviced and all being watched over by a very cool owner, Chuck!

We worked with Chuck to update his lighting to brand new, industry leading, LED lights! Now when we got to this shop it was clean but dark. You could tell that the lighting was tired and outdated. We were able to fix that right up! We took out the old lighting that was multiple generations outdated and replaced it with the newest technology that is going to use just a fraction of the power that it's orginal counterpart. Chuck and his team now have a shop that is saving them money but also well lit. This work enviroment is not only cool but now it's energy efficent and safe!

Take a look at the after photos below and then reach out to us to set up a FREE assesment for your business. Contact us throught our website or email at

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