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Signature Flight Support - Frederick Airport, Frederick MD

Signature Flight Support is an FBO located at the Frederick Municiple Airport in Frederick, Maryland. Before our prject this facility was using outdated lighting technology. Their lights were leaving the facilty spending too much money in electric cost and matinance. Not too mention the light levels were constantly dimming as bulbs aged and or failed. After our services' this great facility really shines! And these beautiful aircrafts really pop, everyone commented on the newly found reflections! The entire facilty was also equiptmeted with montion sensing technology that allows Signature to save even more when no-one is in the areas. However, as soon as a guest or empolyee approches the space the lights will turn on in the blink of an eye. No delay for lights to warm up. Take a scroll through these pictures, we're sure you'll be impressed!

If you own a businesses, or know someone who does, in the Frederick-Hagerstown area reach out to us and set up a FREE energy assesment. One of our trained team members will walk your facility to identify areas that could use improvment. Once these areas are identified we will provide you a quote for a turn key upgrade. We'll even calculate and include all of the utility based funding that can be used for this project.

We can be reached through our website's contact page or by sending us an email at

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